Let our ISO Assistants

from £143 p/m

Minimise your ISO burden

Our quick and friendly Assistants

crack on with your ISO admin

while you focus on what's important to you

  1. You don’t have to employ personnel with the exclusive function of managing ISO;
  2. You won’t have to train us;
  3. You don’t have to buy any software to record or store documentation or generate tests or reports;
  4. An Assistant will be available instantly to assist you (Available on Skype or Email);
  5. You may choose between various ISO Assistants;

My problem was the updates on our ISO 9001 documentation and training documentation and not something I wanted to take care off.  Luckily I found the ISO Assistants website and they are really taking care of the things I hate.


I was in trouble with the ISO Auditor asking me things applicable on the previous version of ISO 9001 and quickly phoned our ISO Assistant who spoke to the Auditor and showed them the evidence I did not even know we had!  Thanks guys!  You are the best.

Thanks Jan and the team, my clients were asking for my website and the only thing I had was a Powerpoint presentation, but the ISO team assisted with my website and it looks cool. It only cost £75 and £3 hosting per month.  Have a look http://www.bigfiveservices.co.uk

Our IT guy was sick and I took a chance to ask our ISO Assistant if he can help and wow the problem was solved within an hour.  Nice to have an IT backup.

The company I worked before was ISO certified but faked it badly.  The few weeks before the audit was a nightmare as we manufacture docs and evidence. 

I am now busy implementing ISO in my own company and with the ISO Assistants team, we are implementing it on the right way and I only have to focus on the business. 
Yes they are sometimes cross with me but I can see we reap the benefits when you are not trying to fake ISO 9001.

Loss of stock was my big problem and it was not stolen but wasted.  Jan assisted us to implement stock control and an easy way of delivering the stock to our different departments.  We are a step closer to our ISO certification.

Thanks, thanks, thanks, it cost me around £150 but you save my company £1000s per month!

Gathering evidence is my problem with the new changes in ISO 9001: 2015 and with the assistance of Corrie  and the ISO Solved team we are using software to gather the evidence and recording competency with easy multiple choice tests. You are the best!

Our content and graphics had to change on our website and they guys from ISO Solved assisted me quickly. They clearly care for clients outside ISO assistance.


Step 2: Share a copy of your documentation and a list of employees as well as their level of access for the assistant to process.

Step 3: Information is processed and employees supplied with usernames and passwords.

Step 4: Any queries and/or questions may be directed to your assistant.

Before any work is performed, the assistant will estimate and relay the duration.

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